Land Use and  Zoning

Variances, Special Permits. I have extensive experience in representing Home Owners, Commercial Property Owners and Real Estate Developers in applications to Zoning Board of Appeals and other municipal bodies seeking variances, special permits and other forms of zoning relief. I have presented over a hundred applications to Board of Appeals for zoning relief.

Examples of my work on behalf of clients include:

  • Representation of local breweries before the Zoning Board of Appeals and the liquor Licensing Board for permission to open, own and operate breweries and Tap rooms.
  • Representation of Home Owners seeking a variance to add a two story addition on to their existing single family residence. The addition added a new kitchen, family room, master bedroom and full master bathroom.
  • Representation of a nonprofit corporation before a City Council for a special permit to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.
  • Representation of Multifamily Residential Landlords before the historical Commission for permission to redevelop historical properties.

Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord Representation I regularly appear in the District Courts and Housing Courts representing private residential and Commercial Landlords and Public Housing Authorities in prosecuting non-payment of rent claims, breach of lease claims, fault and no fault evictions.

I also represent both private and public Landlords in claims of housing discrimination before the MCAD and in the Superior Courts.

Real Estate

I regularly review and negotiate Residential and Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreements on behalf of both Sellers and Buyers of real estate. In so doing I often also represent Lenders in the financing of the real estate purchases.

Real Estate Litigation

I have litigated (and tried cases before juries and judges) many real estate matters in both the Superior Courts and Land Court including but not limited to: zoning appeals and building permit denials; Commercial Condominium disputes between Condominium Associations and Unit Owners and/or Condominium Developers; trespass and nuisance claims; commercial lease disputes; and disputes related to purchase and sale agreements.

Employment Law

I have prosecuted and defended nonpayment of Wages claims and non-compete claims  on behalf of individual Employees and Employers in the District Courts, Superior Court and Business Litigation Session.  I also review and negotiate non-compete agreements, confidential agreements, NDAs, and severance Agreements for employees.

General Practice of Law

Being a sole practitioner I will also be called upon to prepare Wills and Trusts; to prepare and file Estates in the Probate Courts; and to represent individuals in criminal cases in the District Courts.